Biographical Information
Rōmaji Bishamonten
Also known as God of Warriors
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race God
Gender Male
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Red
Professional Status
Affiliation the Seven Gods of Luck/the Seven Guardians
Personal Status
Manga Chapter 4: Toy and Murdurous Intent
Voice Actors

Bishamonten is one of the Seven Lucky Gods and the God of Warriors. He uses a trident to fight and is shown to be more powerful than all the other gods.


Bishamonten is shown to be quite childlike and childish. His only interest seems to be finding new toys to play with and has no qualms about nearly killing one of his fellow gods. He also states that he doesn't like lion godess had died because she hadn't died by his hands. It is later shown that he is actually a very lonely person, seperated from the rest because of his strenght. 


Bishamonten has extraodrinary fighting capabilities even for a God, being the God of Warriors. He always fought with Lion Godess and unlike others, he nor Lion Godess herself held back, causing the other gods to believe that his attacks were of malicious intentions and that he didn't care about Lion Godess. this only served to isolate him further from the other gods but as long as he had Lion Godess as his 'toy' he didn't seem to care anymore.


He is introduced in the fourth chapter and attacks Leo Alfano. Leo is protected by Ebisu however but it becomes apperant very soon that Ebisu does not stand a chance again Bishamonten who doesn't hold back and beats him close to death. Wanting to protect his subordinates, Leo offers to go with Bishamonten to be his 'toy' to which Bishamonten agrees.

Later, Bishamonten and Leo are in an unknown room filled with mannequins and clothing with Bishamonten trying to pick out some clothes for Leo. He states that he just wants Leo to 'play' with him until he is bored of him and kills him eventually. When Bishamonten tells Leo that none of the other gods ever understood him but that his mother, Lion Godess did, Leo realizes that Bishamonten is 'just a child who has lost his precious toy' and remarks that Bishamonten must have really loved Lion Godess and that he (Leo) truly wants to understand him and that he doesn't have to be 'sad'. Although Bishamonten reacts violently at first, grabbing Leo by his throat saying that "there's no way he (I) can feel such an emotion." and that he didn't lie and truly had wanted to kill Lion Godess, mocking Leo, asking him if he still wanted to understand him knowing that. He then grabs his trident and plans to kill Leo "because he has no need of talkative toys."

They are interrupted by the other gods arriving and Bishamonten is scared away from Leo by Fukurokuju. A fight then breaks out between Ebisu and Bishamonten with Bishamonten noticing that Ebisu's moves are a lot sharper and Ebisu tells him that he won't win since Ebisu has something Bishamonten doesn't: Someone to protect. The fight is stopped however by Leo after Ebisu disarms Bishamonten.

Leo puts his hand on Bishamonten's head, asking him to become a part of his family and reassuring him that he'll live longer than Lion godess did and that he won't allow Bishamonten to feel lonely again until he which Bishamonten answers with a smile that 'The god of War doesn't even know what loneliness is' and he accepts Leo as his boss by kissing him on his forehead.

Then a wall is detroyed as an ogre known as Shutendouji enters and tells them that he is a Zof family member and that he plans to kill Leo. He reveals that he was also sealed away in a scroll and got the information about leo and the Seven Lucky Gods from another Lucky God, Hotei. He invites them all for a batlle and in return he will give them Hotei back. Bishamonten loses his patience rather fast however and throws his trident at him, only for it to be stopped by Shutundouji with only two fingers. 

After Shutendouji leaves, Fukurokuju says he'll be going to the hot springs and Bishamonten follows him, also planning on going to the hot springs.

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